Top 5 tips if you are having your pets at your own wedding!

  1. Get a sitter for half day!. i am sure there will be someone in the family happily obliged to look after them, but you want everyone to have fun so get a professional to look after them.
  2. Include your fury babies at your bridal shoot. I love getting these shots as this will be the moments you will get to spend before you get hitched
  3. Have at least 3 people at 3 different times of the day to look after them. Its so easy for someone to get stuck with the doggies, but you want everyone to have fun equally.  Have 3 people look after them at different times of the day so everyone get to get involved equally
  4. Have the doggies get ready with you before you put on your dress. My last bride had some time before she put on her dress to brush the dogs and put some bow ties and hair pins. They look absolutely gorgeous plus I got the capture these moments too!
  5. Are they going to be the ring bearers? How exciting! Have your bridesmaids escort them on the isle so they don’t go running free. This is was any last bride Jacquelyn did too. See her gallery here!