Reportage & Natural London Wedding Photographer

A little something about me! 

I’m Roshni, the name and the face behind the business. Born in Germany and moved to London in 2004, after being in India for 23 years! The moment I set foot in the UK, I fell head over heels in love – and who wouldn’t? London’s rich tapestry of culture and history never fails to captivate me, and I seize every opportunity to soak it all in. In 2014, I embarked on a new journey by establishing my photography business, channelling my passion for capturing moments into a creative venture.

I love observing the connections that unfold on a day-to-day basis. You’ll often catch me immersed in audio books and non-fictional podcasts, especially during long runs. As I navigate my days, you’ll find me diligently working on the computer, attempting to master the art of multitasking, even if it involves rewinding a chapter of my audio book a few times. My guilty pleasures include indulging in cheesy movies and savoring the suspense of thrilling narratives.

I am the kind of person who will be at every small moment needed to be captured for you to look back at the altered date when you are 80! 

NOW…Let’s get a little personal, !!

♥ I love shooting weddings!

♥ Love my cat Gizmo! He is the light in my night.

♥ I love Dogs; in a different life, I would have owned a dog grooming shop.

♥ I love food, and hot or chilli-mayo sauce in everything. I love Japanese food, even though I am a vegetarian now. Yum! I love spending time cooking up new recipes but messing it up every time. Thank god for my partner, who finds it hilarious! 

♥ I love binge-watching tv series such as long standing 20 seasons of Grays’ Anatomy (Totally obsessed), Schitt’s Creek  (who doesn’t love it?)  Dexter, Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl, Private Practice…Oh, I can go on! I love watching a series back to back and not watching anything else. My love for television started, I think, from watching Criminal Minds! The only thing that spooks me is the jump scares. I cannot stand them.

♥ I hardly sit still- so on your wedding day, I will be walking around looking for places to shoot or dancing on the dance floor with you!


” Roshni was so professional . She knows exactly what she’s doing from the moment she arrives (and she’s absolutely lovely to be around.

Looking through her photos brought back such vivid memories of our wedding day.The light in all of them is gorgeous, the framing is gorgeous, and my husband, who hates having his picture taken, absolutely loves them.”

“Roshni Wedding PhotographyAs the bride to be, I was scouting for a photographer and happened to be passed on the details of the magical, wonderful lady named Roshni. I was stunned at how amazing her work was! A wedding photographer who was versatile and truly captures a thousand words in an image ! It was important to me and my husband to be, that our photographer was skilled in capturing us both is a good light. As I was African-Caribbean and he was Caucasian, it was truly a worry that our images wouldn’t have the correct contrasting and look odd in different settings. Roshni was amazing. I can truly say in every image we both look stunning. From the get go Roshni was welcoming and so sweet. She truly made our wedding day an amazing event and now we have so many images to look back on literally relive the day. Roshni is skilled and talented and I truly can say I’ll always be grateful to her. We felt like super stars! She took her time and captured so many images from the beginning of the day ! Roshni we are forever grateful !”