Questions you should be asking YOUR wedding photographer.

Booking your photographer for your big day can be a daunting experience so I have put together my list of questions you should be asking YOUR wedding photographer.

#01 – How long have you been photographing weddings?

Asking your photographer this just gives you a bit of reassurance that your wedding photographer knows their stuff and will be a valuable asset to your wedding day.

#02 – How many cameras do you bring with you on the wedding day?

If your photographer replies with ONE, this should be a red flag for you. Professional wedding photographers will always shoot on 2, sometimes 3 camera bodies. This is a) because it’s so much easier to have different lenses on each body, rather than keep changing them during the day and b) a second camera will act as a backup should anything go wrong with the main camera.

#03 – Do you bring a second photographer or assistant with you on the day?

A lot of photographers will include a second photographer within their packages, while others will have them available as an add-on. Having a second photographer there on your wedding day is a great idea as it allows for more moments to be captured, things like granny having a giggle with their grandson.

#04 – How many photos will I receive after the wedding?

This is something that is handy to know so that you can manage your expectations.

#05 – How long will it take after the wedding will it take to get my photos?

Again, if you know how long the wedding photographer takes to turn around their images, then you can curb your excitement (hopefully) until then!

#06 – Do you give preview images the day after the wedding?

Some photographers do previews others don’t, check so you know what to expect. It is always nice to have a few preview images that you can share across social media the day after your wedding.

#07 – What do we do if it rains?

Living in the UK we have to expect rain, so ask your photographer what their plan is for group shots & a couple of shots if it’s piddling down.

#08 – Do you have liability insurance in case of an accident?

Whilst we all hope and pray this never happens it is wise to be prepared. Your photographer’s liability covers them not only for injuries to other people but also covers for any damage caused to the Ming Vase is covered after all!


Hope this has helped a bit and if you would like to see if I am available for your wedding day, then send me a message