Colourful Eritrean- Jewish wedding at Prince Regent Chigwell Hotel in London – Jon and Sam


Jon and Sam got married at the spectacular Prince Regent Chigwell Hotel, London. It was a stunning Eritrean- Jewish wedding, with succulents as the main decor and a Polaroid guest book to keep guests entertained.

The ceremony

The ceremony took place in the conservatory and was decorated with flowers, which was lovely. The ceremony included a beautiful reading. It was a romantic occasion, full of so much love.

After the ceremony, we went to the beach for photos, which was the perfect time for me to get candid photos, and I got some wonderful photos as everyone was so much fun and loved having their photo taken. The weather at this Eritrean- Jewish wedding was typical for the season, it was a beautiful day.

The Eritrean- Jewish wedding

The reception was held in a hotel. The venue is perfect for weddings because the food is incredible, and it’s got such an energetic vibe, especially on the dance floor when the music starts pumping.

For the reception, the couple had organised Eritrean and Jewish dance celebrations for their guests, and everyone had a blast. Guests were then called for food, which was an Eritrean feast – it was delicious.

The party

The evening ended with a ‘last Traditional dance in the Eritrean attire, which was just stunning, and everyone had a great time. the couple got changed into the traditional outfits and celebrated the tradition of the Bride dancing in a circle around the groom.  The whole Eritrean- Jewish wedding had such a fun atmosphere, from the bride’s awesome dress to the wonderful speeches.

Here is Jon and Sam’s story in photos.