North London, Enfield- Family Shoot in Trent Park

Autumn 2018 is truly settled and we have so many beautiful places to take family photos in North London and Trent Park is one of the great places to go. It’s perfect for couples, and families this autumn and winter. Overall in London I love photographing in North London, I am just biased as I live here!


Another thing about parks is you find so many different shapes of trees and plants, and do even get me started on the little streams and open spaces with skies as blue and clear as ones in these photographs


I find myself photographing around colorful greenery and bushes, These are perfect backdrop given to us from nature. In this particular session, we were able to use a long wooden tree that had fallen down to get a family portrait. I am pretty sure this will go on one of their walls in the house.


I love that my clients had planned this session with me well in advance as it was a wedding anniversary gift to their parents. I sent out my colour scheme and what to wear guide and the results were….well you can see below!.. Love the blues and whites against the clean green backdrops which only later in images, focuses on the families.