Children Outdoor shoot near harrow  


I love exploring the idea that I have in my mind and turn it into an image. The styled shoot is what helps me create my vision and improve at the same time. I believe with photography there is always room for improvement

The outdoor shoots

The shoot takes place all year round in all the seasons. Styled shoot allows me to explore the location and different types of light during the day. I tend to use Harrow recreation Ground often as it a great location for Kids and has amazing blooms all year round. Parents love this location as it is very open space and had great sunlight in summer.  I have had pleasure of working with some great parents who are really understanding and very cooperative.  

 The concept:  

 When it comes to sending out a casting call for a themed shoot, I already have a theme in mind which I create a Pinterest board beforehand. This helps the parents to understand what is expected of them. My Pinterest board is full of ideas and examples of different types of shoot I plan to work on. Deborah and Carrie (the mums) were more than happy to help out and their talented little girls were really a pleasure to work with. The shoot tool place in the afternoon on a Saturday which was very continent for both girls due to school commitments.   

I sent this board to Deborah  and Carrie to see if they can chose something from their wardrobe for Iliria and Livvy to use on the shoot. With this examples both mums sent me the clothes they already have in their wardrobe. 

Behind the scenes shoot. 

When we are shooting the most fun I have is running after the girls and capturing the natural and relaxed poses. The girls were really easy to direct and had a great fun in this open space. The parents love this as they can sit and relax and watch me and the girls running around freely trying to get the shots. Both Illaria and Livvy are talented kids models who have appeared in series of castings lately for kids fashion.  

Final Outcome.  

Here are some of the images that  are the result of this styled shoot which both mums Deborah and Carrie absolutely loved. I am really glad that I worked with both Illaria and Livvy who made this shoot happen.  

Here the dress is from Monsoon  which you can buy it from here  

Coats Next Buy it form here   

Red hat Lafenice buy it from here 

Red jumper dress Nula Bug at TK Maxx 


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Livvy: Age 5, 

Red Cape from: 

More Images of Illairia and Livvy from this shoot are also only my facebook page