Tips for bridal /groom prep shots 


The Morning of 

When you decide where you want to get ready, you already know who is going to be with you in the morning of. . Your very own squad..!! 

I cover all love the London, East, South and all of the UK for Wedding photography. I also have a little blog post here which will help you on the venues planning too !

It’s important to know what location you are going to get ready as a photographer as I would love to make sure all the important things are captured including all the details of your dress, rings, invitations, RSVPs, welcome notes, thank you notes and the list goes one. 

I love to arrive early for your morning prep to be there when you are starting to get ready. This helps me understand the location and the get to know all your bridal /groom parties. Also i love an early start to so i can capture the story of your day!. The make up artist will be doing their work on you and your brides or the suit designer will be there to help you get ready. I want to be there to meet them too and see the wonderful work they do to help bring it all together.

Coffee someone said?! Love a good coffee in the morning. I sometimes also bring my own so i am not without it at some point in the morning. If your wedding is at the same location where you are getting ready then that is a bonus. I walk on the grounds and plan the day for later shots and also watch your ceremony area getting all decorated and ready. The venues i have shot at in 2019 have been so amazing, I am not able ot say that  I have met some good friends through the venue. Its always good to make new contacts and support the business. 

The morning preparations, the best tip i can give is to make sure you have your bridal party with you or your groomsmen with you as soon as you are all ready so I can get the shots with you all getting involved and have a drink before you get ready to walk down for the ceremony. I capture the natural moment and the in between times when you are enjoying a good chin wag. Parents at the preparations are also important if they can pop down for a little while. Not too long, just 5 minutes, I am sure they will have enough on their plate on the day. 


Another tip is to give me 5-10 minute with you alone so I can take some portraits of you in the setting we are in or take you to a quiet place to get some shots. I tend to use mostly indoors near a window or near some stairs if they are available.

All in all the top tip is to enjoy the morning with your pals and let me capture all the silliness and laughter of the day.