Sunny Hindu Hare Krishna wedding at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford – Tejvi and Rikki Gopal

Tejvi and Rikki Gopal got married at the spectacular Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford. It was a stunning Hindu Hare Krishna wedding, with succulents as the main decor and fun goody bags to keep guests entertained.

The ceremony

The ceremony took place in a beautiful room and was decorated with flowers, which was lovely. The ceremony included a beautiful reading. It was a gorgeous occasion, full of love.

After the ceremony, guests mingled in the main room, which is such a great time for the newly married couple to have some time to let it sink in, and I got some beautiful photos by the pond. The weather at this Hindu Hare Krishna wedding was springlike, it was a stunning day.

The Hindu Hare Krishna wedding

The reception was held outside. The venue is perfect for weddings because you are able to now do a Gaw, (cow) worship, Pooja, in the Square, and it’s got such a spectacular vibe, especially in the gardens when the sun goes down.

The evening

After lunch, we went for a portrait session, and the gardens were full of blooms. The gardens are full of amazing flowers and the pond is the perfect place for some amazing photos 

Advice for planning your wedding

The Hare Krishan Temple now offers a Cow worship outside in the square, which Rikky and Tejvi had an honour to do it vey first time.

Here is Tejvi and Rikki Gopal’s story in photos.

Sagun Decor –

Venue – Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Haveli, watford