A little something about me! 


Hello and Welcome!

I’m Roshni,  I am a running freak and it gives me a buzz every time I go for a run. I love my cat Gizmo!

I and mostly introverted but extroverted in social settings. You will find me listening to audiobooks and working away on the computer most days- I try to multi-tasks but have to rewind a chapter at least 3 times during the book! I love cheesy movies and mostly thrillers.


Born in Germany and moved to London in 2004, after being in India for 23 years! I am a self-proclaimed adventurous type I fell in love with the UK straight away, I mean what’s not to love? The city is full of culture and history which I love to soak up whenever I can. I started my photography business in 2014, and i am the king of person that will be at every small moment that is needed to be captured for you to look back at the alter date when you are 80! 

I also love shooting Branding portraits; couples and families are some of my favorites to photograph. ! 

Let’s get personal, !!

♥ I love a good Veggie Pizza, 

♥ Love my cat Gizmo! He is the light in my dark night ( I know I can be dramatic at times )

♥ I love Dogs, in a different  life I would have been a dog groomer

♥ I love food, and hot or chill i-mayo sauce in everything. Plus any Indian pickles… Yum! I love spending time cooking up new recipes but mess it up every time. Thank god for my partner who just finds it hilarious! 

♥I love binge-watching tv series- Greys’ anatomy (Totally obsessed), Schitts Creek  (who doesn’t love it?)  Dexter, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Criminal Minds, Mentalist, Six feet under,  Private Practice…Oh, I can go on! I love watching a series back to back and not watch anything. My love started I think from watching Criminal minds and Dexter! The only thing that spooks me is jump scares. I cannot stand them.

♥ Stephen King Fan!  Books and Tv/Films 

♥ I love cooking if only it’s on a stove  (Ovens are not my friend)

♥ I hardly sit still- so on your wedding day I will be walking around looking for places to shoot or dancing on the dance floor with you!

self portrait of the wedding photogrpahy in white shirt and black leather skirt