Casting call- Model release

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Thank you for chosing Roshni Photography. Please take five minutes to read and send the terms below. If you have any questions please contact me on

Terms and Conditions

​Photography consent: The client consents to be photographed by Roshni Photography. ​

Model Release agreement,

How will the images be used

– I here by grant Roshni Patel of Roshni Photography the right to take, use, reuse, publish anf republish photographic portriats if the minor or in which may be major may be inculded. This includes use of images on websites, social media, advertising and marketing.

– I hereby waive any right that I or the minor may have to inspect or approve the finished images to the advertsing copy or printed matter that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied.

Image Files: All photographic image files remain the property of Roshni Photography at all times.

Copyright: I hereby assign future copyright of my photographs to Roshni Photography. Copyright in all images produced by Roshni Photography remains the exclusive property of Roshni Photography.

Printing Rights: Roshni Photography retains the exclusive right to make prints and reproductions of images it produces. ​ Marketing & Promotion: Roshni Photography may reproduce images from a client’s session for its own marketing, advertising, promotion and exhibition, both internally and externally. If the client wishes for the images not to used online please inform the Photographer in advance. ​ No Commercial On-Sale: Roshni Photography shall not make any commercial sale of the images without the written permission of the Client. ​

Photography of minors: For subjects under the age of 18 at least one Parent or Guardian must be present at all times, and the Parent or Guardian must maintain a visual contact with the minor. Physical activity: Photo sessions involve physical activity. This is undertaken at the client’s own risk.

Where additional permission is required.

– The images will Not be sold for commercial gain by either the photographer or the parents/guardian. For example the images cannot be used in any form of commercial or stock photography without explicit addtional permission from the parents/guardian.

– If the images to be used in any publications (on or offline) then additional permission muct be sought from the parents and or the photographer.

-The minor and or parent/guardian will NOT be tagged or named in social media unless permission is sought. The parents/guardians can of course, choose themselves to share or tag the images providing they credit Roshni Photography in every image shared on social media.

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