Jessica and James got married at the spectacular Girms Dyke Hotel, Harrow. It was a stunning Hotel wedding, with flowers as the main decor and a brass band to keep guests entertained.

The ceremony

The ceremony took place in the ballroom, and was lit by candles, which was lovely. The ceremony included the couple being showered with colourful confetti. It was a romantic occasion, full of happiness.

After the ceremony, we wandered around the venue doing portrait photos, which is such a great time for the newly married couple to have some time to let it sink in, and I got some really fun photos in the meadow. The weather at this Hotel wedding was fresh and sunny, it was a beautiful day.

The Hotel wedding

The reception was held in the ballroom. The venue is perfect for weddings because you can have the place for the whole weekend, and it’s got such a romantic vibe, especially in the main room when the room is full of people having a great party.

For the reception, the couple had organised live piano music for their guests, and everyone loved it. Guests were then called for dinner, which was an amazing steak dinner – it was delicious.

The party

After the speeches, the band started up to get the party started, and the party got started. The live musician kept everyone entertained all evening.

The evening ended with a ‘last dance’, which was just stunning, and everyone had a great time. The whole Hotel wedding was so romantic, from the wildflower seed favours to the awesome live band

Couple celebrating their wedding at The Waterside Inn,Ferry Road, Bray, Maidenhead

Intimate Wedding at Beaconsfield Old town Hall Registry office Buckinghamshire

Intimate Wedding at Beaconsfield Old town Hall Registry office Buckinghamshire


Nikki and Paul got married at the Beaconsfield wedding registry office in Buckinghamshire. There were only 5 people present a the ceremony, The couple and their respective parents.

After the ceremony, we went to  The Waterside Inn for the celebrations. 

Waterside inn is a unique riverside restaurant with a dreamy village setting. You can just see how beautiful this restaurant is in the  images


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SO it’s been a crazy one right? 

My 2020, or should I say our 2020 as we the members of this planet were all in this together. I started 2020 with hope and faith that I will get more than 30 weddings booked and will have a great third year in weddings. But it was all overturned. Yes, there were disappointments and frustrations, but also a chance to pivot my business into something else. Having done family photography and product photography, I turned to another genre of photography.


Personally being away for my family, alone in The Uk, i have been is a very different situation from most. Amount of times I wanted to hop on the plane and just travel back home are too many. I felt anxious for months as I was constantly thinking about my mother and my aunt who are at high risk.  I was not prepared for anything like this.  I have been away from my family for 16 years but this was different. Had all the support from my partner. Still feeling so alone and helpless as i could not go back home to look after them. Thank fully they all are doing well in all possible ways.

WEDDINGS IN 2020 in a nutshell

Some of the weddings that I really enjoyed this year : 

Will and Hollie’s wedding at the St James’s Church- Gerrads Cross.


Booking this wedding in 2019, I was really looking forward to kicking off my 2020 business year with Will and Hollie’s wedding at the St James church at Gerard cross. THIS WAS THE ONLY FULL DAY WEDDING IN 2020!


I loved every moment of the day. Will’s father who conducted the wedding was absolutely amazing. The entire day was filled with love and laughter and speeches that brought tears to my eyes. Hollie’s dress was the highlight of my day and so was the car she rolled into.

Birhan’s wedding at the old Marylebone Town hall, 


AND HERE IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED. A new era of weddings, a new way of living and adjusting to the new ‘normal’


A day before we went into lockdown. I was lucky enough to shoot Birhan’s wedding at the Old Marylebone town hall. We were just starting to learn how to social distance. That feeling of anxiousness whilst in public and on the underground was starting to sink in in a lot of us. The Wedding was a pretty small affair as only 15 people were allowed in the room. Talking to the management at the town hall, it seemed the weddings in march and months onwards were starting to postpone and cancel due to uncertainty.

Nikki and Paul’s weddings at the Beaconsfield Registry office


Nikki and Paul got married with even smaller number of guests…. only their parents. It was a really beautiful ceremony and we then went to The Waterside Inn,Ferry Road, Bray, Maidenhead


The day was so sunny and bright , perfect for a drink outdoors and a nice lunch .

Elise and Gisle’s weddings at the Danson House, Danson Park, Danson Road, Bexleyheath


Elise and Gisle are actually also doing their wedding vow renewals next year!. Which i really cannot wait for. I really had such a great time photographing this intimate affair at the Danson house, one of many small weddings i photographed , and the joy was just as vast for everyone present. We also had a live streaming on site for the families that could not attend the wedding. I am so honored I was the part of these beautiful moments even though the year did not turn out to be the way we desired.

boyfriend piggy backing his girlfriend near a river at the Painshill Park Surrey engagement shoot

Painshill Park Surrey engagement shoot | Roshni Photography

Engagement shoot at the Painshill Park in Surrey

Jaydeep and Simran’s engagement shoot.


I really enjoyed the shoot here at the Painshill park in Surrey with Simran and Jaydeep.

It was such an easy shoot as the chemistry between these two was magic. SImran giggles away throughout the session and Jaydeep was only admiring how happy Simran was at the Park. We managed to use the full area of the location in the amount of time we had.


The couple had an outfit change mid way through to add more to the variety of the shots we had. We also managed to raise a glass of Champagne at the pop up bar in the Park.

Shoreditch , Documentary and candid wedding Photographer Barbican, South east London

Micro Wedding Photographer London

Last month I was in Brick lane, Barbican and Angel area in London for an elopement. It was a dream come true as I am in London all the time and I finally got to photograph in this beautiful city I love. I mean who wouldn’t want a doughnut on their wedding day and a burger for dinner! It does not get trendier than this.