Lifestyle family portrait session takes place at the comfort of your own home at you convenient time to ensure we get the most out of the session.

Writing about this family gives me joy and pleasure. Sonal approached me via a friend and we arranged a Life style portrait session to take place at her lovely house. The session was for little Anika who is now almost 6 months. I wanted to do a lifestyle style shoot at their house to capture the essence of love Anika has brought to the family.

On the day of the shoot I arrived at 11 am and quickly scouted out the house for the space we were going to use. I love their lovely second bedroom which has lovely white walls and ambient light coming through from the large window. Lucky it was a light cloudy day and sun was on the opposite side of the room. I took some fairy lights with me to capture some for the background and used the bed as the background. I really love how comfortable Anika and her parents were as we were in the comfort of their own home. The session was complete with the selection of portraits of Anika and her parents using different parts of the house. I took some fluffy blankets to use as backdrops which blended in pretty well with the beautifully painted walls of the room.

This session was one of my favorite as to I was able to be a part of the family for a short period and capture the joy and love of the Family. My favorite shots are ones of Anika’s feet and her sleeping with her favorite bunny. She only slept for 10 minutes but I was able to capture some shots of her which turned out to be really gorgeous.

I really hope you like the selection of images of this session.